About DigitalGCR

Digital Gauteng City Region is designed to bring together existing and new information, opportunities and useful data via an e-platform for the public good. The platform will provide a digital ecosystem where innovators can deeply understand challenges in real-time in order to develop comprehensive, tech-focused solutions.

The Gauteng City-Region is an integrated cluster of cities, towns and urban nodes that together make up the economic heartland of South Africa. The core of the city-region is Gauteng, South Africa’s smallest but most densely populated province. Beyond the boundaries of the Gauteng province is a wider urban region of smaller centres and population concentrations, including Rustenburg, Sasolburg, Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Witbank, Middelburg and Secunda.

The Gauteng City-Region contributes a significant proportion of South Africa’s economic output, with its different areas, focused on mining, manufacturing, financial and business services, innovation and trade. This region is the country’s centre of trade with Southern Africa and beyond. In 2018, the Gauteng produced 34.94% of the national GDP.

Statistics South Africa's July 2020 mid-year population estimate puts the current population of Gauteng at 15 488 137, with approximately 450 000 people relocating to the province each year in search of economic opportunity. This rapid urbanisation places immense pressure on resource and makes planning, an already complex task, even more challenging. It also creates a ripple effect in terms of poverty, unemployment and social exclusion.


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